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A Message from the Vice Chancellor, Tezpur University

Dear esteemed recruiters,
Greetings of the Day!

Today's need of the society is far different from that of the bygone days. In keeping with the changing scenario, the higher education protocols are bound to undergo metamorphosis. Philosophically, the spirit of education lies in evoking and nurturing the genius within, rather than pouring in wisdom from without.

Universities must produce THINKERS! Adopting such an innovative pedalogy, we at Tezpur University strive to train and guide our students and scholars to be value-added human resources to fit into the newer requirements and meet the new challenges. Keeping up with the highest professionalism, they are also reminded of their social and environmental responsibilities where they and their children are to live.

Extending my best wishes to our students and colleagues.

Looking forward to hear from you.
With thanks & regards,
Mihir Kanti Chaudhuri
Vice Chancellor